The Initiation Into Your True Masculine Power
24th - 30th September 2023, Cyprus
Next dates: TBA
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Do you feel stressed out by trying to meet all the expectations that are placed upon you as a man?

Do you feel confused about what it even really means to be a man in these times?

Do you deep down know, that you are not living your full potential?


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Feeling stuck in one or more areas of your life.
  • Finding yourself in constant fights with your partner.
  • Trying to please her out of fear of not being enough or losing her.
  • Trying to control or "fix" her emotions, which never works.
  • Having trouble creating lasting fulfillment, passion & attraction in a relationship.
  • Feeling not deeply respected as a maby her or even feeling emasculated.
  • Lack of attraction with the women you really desire.
  • Having trouble authentically approaching gorgeous women.
  • Your partner not showing & telling you clearly that she is deeply satisfied in sex.
  • A feeling of emptiness and longing for more, but unsure what it is.

You are not alone.

A lot of men are having these frustrating experiences, which are all coming from not being at home in your true masculine power. In our western world, very few men have experienced a rites of passage, where they truly leave boyhood behind and cross the threshold into manhood. These rites of passages have been practiced for thousands of years, all around the globe to activate the incredible resources of primal power, wisdom and abilities in men. They are still being practiced by indigenous tribes to ensure their safety through mature, powerful men.

In the western world, many generations before us have lost touch with this authentic transition into manhood, therefore many men feel stuck and disempowered, unable to fully embrace their masculine power. Conversely, much of the world's greatest suffering arises when men attempt to compensate for their insecurities and fear of inadequacy. This ranges from falling into bad habits to unintentionally hurting loved ones and even contributing to collective events like war.

It's time for a change!

We live in extraordinary times. The world needs heart-led men in their power now more than ever before! And at the same time, the resources are here now—somehow you've been guided to be right here, right now and find out about the opportunity of this retreat, to step into your true masculine power and become the man you came here to be. You don't have to attend my retreat, of course, if you don't want to. I can tell you though, hiding from the responsibility of living up to who you came here to be and who your loved ones need you to be, won't set you free.

Are you ready, brother, to discover who you truly are, and to finally unlock all that untapped potential within? I'm not saying this journey is for everyone, or that it'll be within your comfort zone. It's definitely not for those who prefer to hide in boyhood, while the world is crumbling around them. But from experience I can clearly say: Crossing this threshold into manhood was incredibly rewarding and was the breakthrough into my true masculine power

It's time to Unleash the Full Power of Your Masculinity Now—for yourself, for your loved ones and and for your purpose!

Once I unleashed my true masculine power, everything started to change,
and you can experience that too:
  Moving from your head into your heart and body
  Overcoming your deepest fears and blockages
  Experiencing irresistible attraction with the women you desire
  Having unwavering confidence (also with super attractive women
  Being able to find and lead a fulfilled intimate relationship
  Having your partner trust, love & respect you much more
  Discovering your worth and role as a man, feeling stable and grounded
  Embodying the presence of a king (without diminishing others)
  Finding clear direction, purpose and fulfillment in your life
Moreover, at the King's Initiation Retreat, you'll learn the secrets to:

  • Stopping your racing thoughts & self-doubt
  • Lasting for hours in bed
  • Having a deeply satisfied partner who loves and respects you
  • Finding and keeping a fulfilling intimate relationship
  • Connecting with your vision and turning it into your reality with proven methods

You can also form lifelong friendships with the other men on this journey to unlocking your true power.

Seize the opportunity now to benefit from my experience of over a decade in this work. Together, we'll Unleash Your True Masculine Power, so Secure Your Spot Now for the King's Initiation Retreat 2023 in Cyprus!
Unleashing Your Power
Finally break free from the blockages, limitations & suppressed emotions that were holding you back all your life.
Crossing the Threshold
Embark on a life-changing modern day rites of passage experience, that will truly allow you to cross the threshold into empowered manhood.
Integration & Embodiment
Be seen, received & celebrated in your masculine power. Enjoy the support and proven methods to integrate this shift into your life permanently.
"Unique & Life-Changing!"

For me, what sets working with Max apart is that he lives what he teaches with authenticity and integrity. His energy is always inspiring to me. He provides clarity in the often challenging subject of masculinity. I can recommend him to anyone who wants to connect with themselves on a deeper level and, as a result, connect with others on a much more profound level as well.
"My path to more masculinity!"

I am incredibly grateful for the journey with Maximilian. After just the first conversation, a whole new perspective on masculinity and sexuality opened up for me. I was able to grow beyond my limits. I could establish a deeper connection with myself and my partner. The practices, routines, and knowledge about the interconnections of masculinity, partnership, and sexuality were incredibly helpful for me as well. This has absolutely helped me! I can only recommend you to have your own experience with him and feel the power of this community! ✨🙏🏼
"Meet women on eye level with more confidence and ease."

It fills me with gratitude to have met Maximilian. Maximilian lays the foundation within himself. He's sharing how you can meet women on eye level with more confidence and ease. This is about deep and authentic masculinity. Exciting areas he is covering also include: cultivating your hearts power and the teachings of loving tantric sex.
Your Retreat Host
About Maximilian
As a mentor, author & retreat host, Maximilian supports men worldwide to unleash the true power of their masculinity in life, love and sex. 
From Munich, Germany, Maximilian's journey began in a conservative environment where he experienced severe domestic violence, suppression of emotions and other toxic expressions of masculinity from a very young age. He has committed his life to bring mature, empowered, and heart-based masculinity onto the planet, creating a safe space for feminine energy and allowing for healthy and fulfilling relationships and sexuality. Having healed, heart-centred individuals become the new, empathetic and powerful leaders of this time. 

Unleash Your True Masculine Power Now!

The world needs heart-led men to step into their power now, and you've been receiving all the signs that it's time for you to unlock your untapped potential. You now stand at the gate of a life-changing experience, where your true masculine power can finally be set free once and for all.

Are you feeling the calling? Let's connect and find out if you're a good fit for this empowering retreat. Click the button now, and we'll speak soon about the transformative journey that awaits you. Seize this opportunity to embark on a path of growth, purpose, and fulfillment. 

Your time is now! 👑🔥