Heart of a King Retreats

Heart of a King offers cutting-edge Men's Retreats, specializing in the two most powerful areas of Men's Work, that naturally—from the inside out, amplify your success and fulfillment in every area of your life as a man:

1. Initiatory Rites-of-Passage for men: Experience and integrate truly crossing the threshold into full self-empowerment and embodied masculine maturity, by leveraging thousands of years old indigenous wisdom of how to initiate you into your true masculine power. 

2. Mastering your sexual energy as a man: Learn how to overcome your limitations and blockages in your sexuality and how to authentically have irresistible attraction with the women you desire, make love for hours and lead a healthy, fulfilling relationship, in a way, that works in real life and feels natural to you.

So far these have been held as separate Rites-of-Passage and Tantra Retreats. In 2024—for the first time ever, you have the opportunity to experience the synergistic power of both of these fields together in the Return of Kings Retreat 2024!

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What other men say…

"Unique and life changing!"
Dennis Tränkle
"This retreat massively expanded my horizon and brought such clarity to me!"
Daniel Herterich
"This was such a game changer for me, such a next level experience. I can wholeheartedly recommend this retreat and going through his rite of passage to every man!”
Andreas Fritzer